Live at Isabelle's

by Morus Alba

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Recorded live at our friend Isabelle's place in late August 2013. Fiscal Cliff, Kadian Quartet and Rest Ashore also played.

It was gonna be our last show for a while but thankfully that didn't happen.

I'd like to say now before he gets famous and is touring all around the world that John Kadian played keys with us on No Quarter. With that said, I'd like to address John in the future so I can check in with him.

Hi John from the future. Hope you're career's going well, it probably is. How are we? Oh you know, Alvin's still a nurse but he moonlights as a Daddy Yankee impersonator. Dante won the title of World's Strongest, Nicest and Also Handsome Man three years running from 2019-2021 but now he's living in West Virginia running an arcade that only has Simpsons Bowling in it. Conor was backing up Norah Jones for a while but that fell through after the whole ''Didn't know she would be offended by exclusively calling her 'Lil Ravi Shank a Lank' all the time" thing but now he owns a pretty heavy share in Houlihans. And me? I ended up running away with and from those three girls from the Dirty Projectors so now I'm pretty much broke and can't get hocketing out of my head. Pitchfork's doing a piece on us about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Doodle's nip slip during Anne at Super Bowl 49. Oh let me know how the new Maxwell's is, will you? It was just never the same after they moved it the third time to Lyndhurst before moving it to Fort Lee after the fourth time reopening it in Hoboken. Best wishes, my friend.



released March 20, 2014

"Marcel" Rudin - Left Guitar/Vox
Conor "His Chooch, My Gooch" Brennan - Right Guitar
Dante "Dante's My Name, Skyrim's My Game" Silver-Evans - Bass/Other Vox on Anne
Alvin "Please Don't Give Me A Nickname In Quotation Marks" Santiago - Drums
John "I Agree With Alvin Please Do Not Give Me A Nickname In Quotation Marks As Well" Kadian - Keys on No Quarter

M. Rudin - Editing/Mastering

Thanks to Isabelle's dad for mixing and recording this whole thing. You're a very sweet man and father and dad.

Thanks to Isabelle for puttin' up with us and puttin' on a good rock show.

Thanks everyone who came out.*

Thanks to you for giving this a listen.

*Except Eric Turonis and his messy ''oh it wasn't us'' ass friends. Clean up after yourselves next time, boys.





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